What is a Trade-O-Ree?

Scattered around the country are exciting events generally called Trade-O-Rees (or abbreviated to TOR’s). A trade-o-ree is an event that is generally held in a big hall, hotel banquet room, national guard armory, college or church gym. They are held for the primary purpose of scout memorabilia collecting …… buying, selling, or trading. Some are put on by avid collectors, some are sponsored by troops or BSA Councils, and some are put on by scout collecting associations. If you are taking your troop, note this on your tour permit. But, most of all bring your scout stuff and have fun!


There is generally a fee for renting a table at these events to formally put up your items for sale or trade. But for novice collectors who just want to come in and browse and trade out of their day pack, there is sometimes an entry fee of $1-5. Tables generally need to be reserved in advance, but walk-ins are welcome without any reservations. It is a good idea to call ahead to check with the sponsor to make sure all the details are correct and to get a map.”


We have teamed up with ISCA (International Scouting Collectors Association) in promoting Trade-O-Ree events taking place throughout the country. Click Here to see our partnership agreement.

Facebook Events:

Trade-O-Ree Organizers: Promote your show by creating a Facebook Event. This is a great way to promote your show and to get an idea of how many people plan on attending!


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